Our advisory in the Administrative Law field comprises all aspects of the relationships between companies and persons and public entities in its three levels of government (national, regional and local).



We provide legal advice and assistance on financial matters, particularly in financing operation structuring through the domestic and international financial system, namely: working capital loans, leases, leaseback operations, syndicated loans and others.


All patrimonial and extra-patrimonial relations that persons -whether natural or legal- engage in day to day are regulated by Civil Law. That is why such important issues as family and property are comprised within the sphere of study of Civil Law.



In the same line, the development and constant evolution of the current market means that the Peruvian regulatory framework adapts permanently to the private initiatives that arise daily in our country and abroad. In the area of ​​competence we have the advice of a highly qualified team with extensive experience in dispute resolution, sponsoring our clients as both defendants and plaintiffs.


The non-stop development and evolution of the current market forces the Peruvian regulatory legal framework to an ongoing adjustment to private initiatives that emerge daily in our country and abroad. In the area of competition we rely on a highly qualified advisory team with extensive experience in settlement of disputes to provide counselling support to our clients, both defendants, as plaintiffs.


The foundations of the entire Peruvian legal system are set out in the Political Constitution of Peru; in that regard, being experts in Constitutional Law is of the essence for both studying and developing other areas of Law, as for ensuring legal protection of human activity.


Complementing our holistic proposal our Firm provides legal support in corporate, commercial, shareholding, and regulatory issues, procedural law, tax law and labor law and in negotiating and managing interests.



Our Criminal Law team has experience in criminal defense and advice to natural and legal persons, their shareholders, directors and officers in corporate and business criminal proceedings.


Our advice on infrastructure and construction covers all aspects of preparation, legal support and follow-up of all phases of the execution of private construction contracts, as well as of structuring private investment projects for private domestic or foreign companies, for all the different economic sectors and for the different forms of economic interaction (also, road networks, agroindustry, airports, ports, road infrastructure, health, education, energy, sanitation, railways, among others.)



As a result of today’s globalized economy, intellectual property elements such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, denomination of origin, etc., have become very valuable assets for the companies. In regard to Intellectual Property, our firm relies on a team of highly trained specialists with vast experience in managing brands portfolio and anti-piracy program.


In the International Trade, Logistics and Customs area our Firm provides legal advisory from customs operations planning and foreign trade contracts to advisory on the most efficient customs regimes and mechanisms, as well as counsel’s support in complaints derived from disputes with the relevant authorities in the country.


The practice of Labor, Social Security and Occupational Health and Safety Law in Peru has a significant effect on the costs for the development of business activity generated by the externalities of the legislation and jurisprudence in the country. In this sense, our Firm develops a specialized practice with the objective of providing services intended, not only to defend the general interests of the business activity, but also to anticipate unwanted contingencies, generated in the development of relationships with the personnel, individual and collective.


Today, although trends in our economy predict a consolidation in the growth and development of our country, there is still a long way to go before we achieve that legal security of the private sector follow the same path.


The Mergers and Acquisitions area deals with, among others, legal advisory and labor and tax reviews (due diligence), acquisition structure design, business reorganization and integration, contract preparation and negotiation, closing conditions and, takes care of eventual discrepancies between the parties, oriented to the acquisition or sale of company’s shares, listed or not; acquisition and sale of assets, including combined transactions such as mergers, spin-offs and all types of company reorganizations, and transactions involving companies under restructuring due to insolvency.


Consultancy on municipal law issues, which involves advising in the fields of its own management, which entails the adaptation and application of legal regulations, accompaniment and sustainability of good practices within the legal framework of local governments.


The development of new technologies and their inclusion in the various sectors of the domestic and foreign markets has become vital to all companies due to the business opportunities that they offer in the virtual world. Likewise, the protection of personal data has gained importance in the framework of strict international policies and regulations that protect the privacy of individuals.


Our law firm provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice on Public Tenders and Bids, Concessions, Asset Management, Infrastructure Work Projects and Public Works, Private Initiatives and works for taxes.


The Real Estate area of DS CASAHIERRO ABOGADOS has a very successful practice with legal products designed for the needs of the industry. Our specialized legal advice includes the development of Real Estate Due Diligence; planning and strategies for real estate investment, its development, monitoring and completion; structuring of acquisition and/or administration contracts, management, construction and others; clearing of property and rustic, urban and uncultivated land titling.


Our Firm provides advice to domestic and foreign companies on any taxes that might be produced in the development of their business activities, including consulting activities, representation in administrative and judicial litigations, as well as other administrative procedures before the Tax Administration.


Advice, support and representation in land, air and ocean transportation of goods and persons. In this area, we support companies representing brands and concessionaires operating in the automotive line of business, passenger and freight transportation companies, underwriters, private and public transportation companies dispatching goods by land, sea or air, logistics operators, bonded companies and cargo consolidators and other economic agents engaged in transportation activities, including State entities in charge of regulating, managing and supervising these and other complementary activities, with regard to the legal framework and sector regulations governing land transportation and transit in Peru.